Say Hello

a new comedic web series

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What's it All about ?

Say Hello  is a reunion of two childhood acquaintances whose lives become entangled on their individual quests of adulthood in the 21st century..




 Living most of her life through observation and data she collects, Maggie is a happy-go-lucky, borderline Aspergers genius in need of a friend.  

Formerly over-privileged socialite, Alexis is on the curb with no check from Daddy nor man to support her. With Nowhere to Go, Alexis Turns to Longtime cyber stalker, Maggie, For a place to stay.

Lyndsi LaRose
Derek Smith

Meet the Cast 

Derek Smith
"TAYLOR, cute boy next door"
Lyndsi LaRose
"Alexis Oppermann"
Rachel Stiller Reyes
Rachel Reyes
"Maggie Marsh"

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