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John C. Reyes
Brooke Elliott
John C. Reyes
Director of Photography
Rachel Reyes

        Creator, Rachel Reyes, first brought wind to Say Hello  in a sleepy little black box theatre that had a really confusing door situation.  Reyes was taking an Upright Citizen Brigade's class, when Maggie poked her head out. As much as Reyes wishes she'd rememebered audience's suggestion, she doesn't.  She does know that through a gracious scene partner, both maggie and Alexis emerged with two distinct personalities  ready to take on the world. Reyes said hello.

     Reyes wrote down  what she thinks said "observation girl" in her composition book under characters and then later while forming a master treatment file on her computer causally added Maggie and Alexis. The project sat doorment for a couple of months while Reyes' first film went through the festival circuit. Giving Reyes the confiednece/bug to write and produce more, Maggie and Alexis soon solidified their friendship in the screenplay format.

Rachel Reyes
Brooke Elliott

     Amidst writing Say Hello,  Reyes was already talking to other Reyes, John C. about the making of a new web series. Quickly on board to produce and shoot, Reyes started making plans to film the next independent piece.

      Camerman by trade, Reyes used his longitme set experience to get the ball rolling.  At the time of preproduction he was working on a Disney XD TV show Kirby Buckets.


        It just so happened to be that while filming Kirby Buckets, Reyes recognized a familiar face behind the lens. Playing the roll, of Kirby's mother on the show was Actiress, Suzi Barrett, who Reyes recognized from perforining AT Upright Citizen's Brigade. He soon made the connection, and it was Barrett who introduced The Reyes pair to  her longtime friend and director ofSay Hello,  Brooke Elliott.

      Brooke Elliott, star of hit televesion series Drop Dead Diva, was quickly snatched up to direct.  having had 6 seasons of Drop Dead Diva and performing in numerous broadway shows, the Reyes' were confident that Elliott would tell a rich story.  And, that's exactly what happened!  Elliott took a black and white script and brought it to color.   Beat by beat, Elliott unraveled the sweet and quirky tale of how Maggie and Alexis Say Hello. 

      Elliott is currently awaiting the pick up of the CBS pilot, Furst Born.  In addition to Furst Born, Elliott is making a splash in the animation world, having just completed a pilot for Cartoon Network too.  When she isn't busy booking pilots, you can find Elliott flashing back to her Broadway roots in the creation of her one woman concert show.